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Before submitting please read carefully the conditions below, and also the specific guidelines for each field.
We do not accept sites with popup windows, doorway pages, sites created specially for search engines, affiliate web sites, or sites that are under construction. Your homepage should not automatically redirect to another page.
Only family friendly web sites are accepted. We will not accept dating or adult web sites, web sites containg any illegal materials, sites promoting sexual products or activities, products that are replicas or imitations of designer goods, alcohol, drugs (prescription drugs included), weapons (air guns included), gambling related web sites, "work from home" sites, "make money on the internet" or any "get rich fast" schemes.
Web sites submitted and listed in our directory must be indexed by Google and follow the webmaster guidelines at:
Submitted web sites must be in English, or have an english version easy to find from their homepage.
Please note that your main URL should be directly accessible (without redirection) and, after approval, no changes can be made to the main URL of your listing.
Approved listings are permanent as long as they are updated at least once in 370 days. Updates are free. Listings not updated for more than 370 days will be suspended.
If, after we approve your web site, you update it and the changes don't meet our requirements, it will be suspended and we will send you a notice to correct the problem.
Also if your URL returns a HTTP error (not found, redirection, or other server error), your listing will be suspended until you correct the problem.
Note that if we have to suspend your listing twice for the same reason (except for HTTP errors), we may decide to permanently delete it!
Suspended listings can be reactivated, free of charge, if the problem that determined the suspension is corrected within 360 days.
Listings that stay suspended for more than 360 days will be deleted.
Please provide a valid and active email address. We are not responsible if you don't receive our alerts, notices, or confirmation emails.
Read our Privacy Policy here.

To submit a featured link you must have a quality web site, with no more than 15 external links on it's home page, and include in the homepage of your web site, a link to one of our main categories that is relevant for your web site content.

IMPORTANT! The link to our directory must be included in the homepage of the web site you are submitting for a featured link.
For technical reasons we cannot accept featured links for framed web sites, that have in their index file only the FRAMESET code.

To get the correct HTML code for our link, please select a category from the list below and click the "GET LINK" button. Our code must be included in your home page before submitting your web site.

Select a category that is relevant
for your web site content.
Please copy this code and paste it into your web page. You can add styles or other type of formatting to this link, as long as you keep unchanged the href attribute. If you want to change the anchor text, please make it clear that you are linking to a web directory, and use the "CHECK URL" button (in the submission/edit form) to see if we can validate your link.

 I accept all the above conditions.
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